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Feather Sophisticated Smiles No Fear Dentistry Nervous about going to the dentist? Well now you can relax! Does the slightest reminder of the next dentist visit cause you stress? Have you at any time avoided teeth cleanings or preventive dental care due to fear and anxiety?

“The dentist” is one of the most frequent fears no matter your race, sex or social status. You’re not alone. It’s said that just about half of people start to feel uncomfortable or stressed whenever thinking of visiting the dentist or getting some kind of procedure completed there?

Certainly one of our primary goals is to help to make our own patients feel relaxed and comfortable in the course of any type of dental appointment. Very little else makes a difference without a nurturing and understanding team by your side.

We will by no means make a patient feel uncomfortable about their dental needs, and we try to fully understand and care for patients as unique individuals

Here is a list of probably the most common dental fears:

Fear of embarrassment regarding the current condition of teeth
Fear of gagging
Fear of injections
Fear of losing control
Fear of not getting numb when injected with Novocain
Fear of pain
Fear of the dentist as a person
Fear of the hand piece (or perhaps the drill)
Fear of the unknown
Fear of dental noises and smells
The latest technological advancements have suggested that in many cases, dentists are able to take away loud drills and offer quick and effective care. Additionally there are numerous types of harmless anesthetics offered to get rid of pain and decrease stress and anxiety during routine appointments. Our dental office has also been specially built to set you at ease by getting rid of most of the items, noises and smells of a typical dentist office you may associate along with your prior dental trips.

Comfort Treatment Options

Dr. Szierer and the Sophisticated Smiles team have effective sedation capabilities. We can provide many levels of comfort.

• Topical & Local Anesthesia

We begin with a topical solution that ‘pre-numbs’ the injection area. Then the local anesthesia is used to completely numb the area being treated. This temporarily blocks feeling to the nerve and should last one to two hours or longer.

• Nitrous Oxide Gas

Research shows that nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is especially useful for fearful patients. The calming effects are predictably pleasantly surprising. A patient that was fearful just a minute or two before treatment has become relaxed and calm.

• Conscious Sedation

One of the major benefits of oral conscious sedation dentistry is that people often feel like their dental procedure lasts only a few minutes, when in fact it might have taken hours to perform. Therefore, complex dental procedures such as complete smile makeovers or extensive smile restoration procedures that normally require multiple visits can often be performed in fewer, but longer, appointments. In fact, some patients, who have no fear of the dentist whatsoever, are using sedation dentistry to pack three or four dental appointments into one long one that they won’t remember.

• General Anesthesia (IV Sedation)

This is a technology available to patients who find themselves afraid to go to the dentist and who suffer from poor oral health as a result of that fear. At the office of Dr. Szierer, a fully qualified specialist anesthetist comes to your dental appointment and gives you medication through an IV that makes you completely unaware of your surroundings. While in this sedated state, you will not know that dental treatment is taking place. You can, however, listen to Dr. Szierer if he or she tells you something or asks you to open your mouth wider. When the procedure is finished, you immediately wake and you won’t have any recollection of the procedure. This will reduce stress and anxiety, which accompany treatment. There is no awareness of treatment during the entire procedure. Pulse, blood pressure and respiration are continually monitored throughout the procedure. The body rapidly metabolizes these types of anesthetic agents, allowing for a quick recovery.


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Below are great tips in reducing dental fear and anxiety:

• Talk to Dr. Szierer – Even though it could be difficult to speak about irrational fears with a stranger, Dr. Szierer can take additional steps during appointments if worries and stress are communicated. That way, collectively, we may identify any particular worries or fears and work at conquering these concerns.
• Bring an iPod – Music acts as a relaxant and in addition drowns out any fear-producing sounds. Hearing your favorite soothing music during this appointment will greatly reduce anxiousness.
• Agree on a signal – Quite a few individuals are afraid that the dentist will not likely know they are in substantial discomfort throughout the appointment, and will carry on the treatment regardless. The easiest way to solve this problem is to agree on a “stop” hand sign together with the dentist. Both sides can easily comprehend signs such as raising the arm or tapping on the chair.
• Use a sore throat spray – Throat sprays (for instance, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) can actually control the gag reflex. A couple of sprays will often keep the reflex within check for around an hour or so.
• Take a mirror – Not being able to see what is happening can increase stress and anxiety and make your mind run wild. Watching the process will help keep reality at the forefront of your mind.
• Sedation – Choosing a comfortable level of sedation provides an excellent alternative for many.
• Ask about procedure – Make sure you let us know the extent and depth of treatment plan explanations you may need.
• Go over all the choices with Dr. Szierer and determine the one which works well and creates little anxiety.

{Defeating Fear|Fear Can Be Conquered 

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Within an open and nurturing setting, individuals will be offered dental care recognizing they aren’t being judged or simply looked down upon due to their anxiousness about dentistry. We aim to excel at the technical facets of dentistry but just as essential we try to take care of the person’s emotional requirements. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how Dr. Szierer can help you get over fear and anxiety, please get in touch with our office.

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