Dental Technology

We are committed to being different from other dental offices. A part of this commitment is bringing the latest technology into our office. New technology expedites procedures and increases precision.

Dr. Szierer helps his patients succeed with world-class technology. With advanced tech, we can avoid those lengthy and uncomfortable treatments. We offer accurate diagnoses followed by quick and painless procedures.

Articular Chairside Computers

Our team uses chairside computers for everyone’s convenience. You will be able to see all of the images of your smile and help your dentist determine what’s possible. We can also keep all your treatment records organized by entering your data chairside.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

We can catch more areas of decay earlier with DIAGNOdent technology. With DIAGNOdent, you can skip the x-rays identify cavities before treatment becomes a hassle.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

A diagnostic wax-up is a 3D model that serves as a perfect replica of your smile. We can see exactly how your veneers, crowns, or bridges will look. Your wax-up will allow us to identify flawless solutions before we proceed.

Digital Imaging and Radiography

Digital imaging and radiography benefits us with:

  • Safer care: It’s our priority to keep you safe by reducing radiation exposure.
  • Image enhancement: Your dentists can control the magnification and exposure of the images, so they can glean more information about your dental needs.
  • Instant development: We can view your images instantly, leading to shorter dental appointments.

Intraoral Camera

We get the full picture of your smile with our intraoral camera. It provides superior clarity and sharpness, while giving us multiple perspectives of the structures of your mouth.


Panorex or panoramic x-rays are taken outside of the jaw to give us a look at structures like impacted teeth, jawbone alignment, and nasal sinuses. This is highly beneficial for orthodontic or dental implant consultations.


Dr. Szierer is able to magnify the images of your smile and assess the condition of your teeth in greater depth. It will allow him to diagnose you and treat you properly, while also permitting you to see everything your dentist sees.

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser makes various procedures more comfortable, eliminating anesthesia and bleeding. No cutting or stitches are needed when you choose laser dentistry.


Radiosurgery involves a tiny wavelength that we use to create precise incisions. This type of surgery allows greater comfort, increased accuracy, and faster recovery.

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