Teeth Whitening

Sophisticated Smiles | Flemington, New Jersey |Dr. Szierer provides professional strength Crest White Strips to patients who would like to unleash a stunning new smile. Our whitening strips use an enamel-safe ingredient that whitens ten times better than the leading brand of whitening toothpaste.

We provide a way to whiten at your convenience, while still obtaining dazzling professional results. Our whitestrips are 80% more powerful than regular Crest Whitestrips available over-the-counter. They will give you a brighter smile within a few uses, while minimizing sensitivity.

Tooth Whitening FAQ

If you’re interested in cleaning up your smile, contact Sophisticated Smiles today. A quick whitening consultation can lead to years of confident smiles.

What causes discoloration?

Aging and daily wear-and-tear alone can dull your teeth. Other reasons for dental discoloration include consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco. Also, the consumption of some antibiotics or certain fluoride can stain the teeth.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Research and clinical studies show that whitening teeth under the supervision of your dental professional is perfectly safe. For most patients, teeth whitening is the simplest and safest cosmetic treatment available! However, we do not recommend whitening procedures for young children or pregnant women.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

For many patients, teeth are permanently whiter than they ever were before. With diligent at-home hygiene, your whitening results can last for months or years.

Let’s talk about the result you want for your smile. To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at Sophisticated Smiles.