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If You Have Decided To Change Your Image, Take A Close Look At Your Smile

With esthetic dentistry, our staff has the power to change your smile and improve your life.

Using the latest advancements, we will create your perfect smile. Natural-looking alternatives such as advanced metal-free crowns, veneers, bridges, and inlays/onlays  look, feel and function like your own teeth.

A bright smile provides a unique influence on just how youthful you appear.

Dr. Szierer’s knowledge and experience in esthetic and health and functional restorative dental care is highly respected in the Flemington NJ area.

As soon as we are in harmony with your personal needs and goals, we factor in the shape of your face, the features of your nose, and the color of your eyes. However, it is the shape and contour of your lips that impacts the design of your new smile the most. Dr. Szierer will also take note of an esthetic list of factors such as the visual weight of your eyes and nose in ratio to your other facial dimensions.

Dr. Szierer can restore your smile to make you look dramatically younger, make your smile brighter and bigger, erase those aging lip lines, instantly straighten crowded or crooked teeth, and, finally, max out your sex appeal level.

Of course, Dr. Szierer and the smile team aren’t just concentrating on your good looks. Our first priority is to make your smile healthy, functional, and with proper interaction while chewing so that you can enjoy laughing, talking, chewing and kissing… and look great doing it.

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Research Reveals…

In an independent analysis in 2008, it was discovered: When participants were asked, “Exactly what would you most want to further improve about your smile?” The most common response was: “Brighter & Whiter Teeth”.

Then when asked, “What kinds of things do you feel make a smile ugly?” The most common responses were:

• Discolored, Yellow, or Stained Teeth

• Missing Teeth

• Teeth That are Not Straight

• Decaying Teeth And Cavities

• Gaps & Spaces in Teeth

• Unbrushed Teeth

97% of adult men and women believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to those of the other sex. Three-quarters (76%) of adult men and women feel an unsightly smile can easily harm an individual’s odds for job success.

Virtually all Americans (99.7%) think a smile is an important social asset.

It’s not absolutely necessary to get a “Million Dollar” smile, but…

…getting a smile makeover can make you look younger, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and also increase your conversation skills, your sex appeal, and favorably affect your personal and professional relationships.

As outlined in other studies by social psychologists, most people spend around four seconds appraising the way you look before they begin to create a list of impressions regarding your:

• educational level

• work skills

• accomplishment

• persona

• sophistication

• credibility

• sense of humor

• and your social heritage.

Good or bad, this means that appearances matter in today’s world.

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Obviously, your smile is one of your most powerful assets.

In the business environment or on the social scene, it’s one of the first things that people notice. Even so, it’s not just about how you look to others and in the way the rest of the world sees you. Fixing just one tooth might make a positive difference in how you feel about yourself. Esthetic dentistry can turn you into a social sunbeam with a brand new attitude.

What Goals Do You Have For Your Smile?

Enhancing your smile can enhance your entire life. That’s why it’s so important that we work closely with you to guarantee that what you want is what you get before we begin any cosmetic dental work. Dr. Szierer take a comprehensive game plan and commit to establishing a treatment plan with a thorough discussion of options.

We can:

** Restore a beautiful, youthful look to your appearance

** Close gaps between teeth

** Fix cracked, broken or chipped teeth

** Perform “Instant Orthodontics” to fix crooked or crowded teeth

** Shape gum tissue to get rid of a “gummy” smile

** Lengthen or shorten uneven teeth

** Use a porcelain bridge to replace a missing tooth

** Use all porcelain restorations to replace old “dark” dentistry

** Improve or correct bad (dysfunctional) bites

** Prepare take-home smile whitening kits to brighten stained teeth

Call for a smile consultation at (908) 806-4333 or request an appointment.


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